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Where Human Health and Environmental Health get Connected

We introduced and patented world’s first universal biodegradable housing for Lateral Flow Assays.

World's First Green Solution for Lateral Flow Assays

Okos Diagnostics envisions a world where human health and environmental health are connected. Okos introduced and patented world’s first universal biodegradable housing for Lateral Flow Assays.

Every year, billions of single-use rapid tests are produced and thrown away immediately after use. Our biodegradable housing can be used for all Lateral Flow Assay use cases, including pregnancy, sexual infections, hormones, and is easily adoptable by the IVD industry. Our cassettes will not add up to the plastic soup problem the world is dealing with.

By 2050 the weight of plastic in our oceans will be more than the weight of fish. Let’s start a green revolution in healthcare now!

Why Choosing Okos?


Compromise in Performance

Okos' materials are specially engineered to match and surpass the quality of the current fossil-based plastics used for cassette manufacturing.


Less CO2 Emissions

The total manufacture and sourcing of Okos' material guarantee up to 49% less CO2 emissions than plastic cassettes.


Volatile Compounds and Fumes

Okosette technology allows the cassettes to produce less VOCs and other harmful pollutants.


Complies with ASTN D6400 and EN13432

Okos' materials comply with the most common compostability standards in Europe and the US: ASTN D6400 and EN13432.


About Okos

Plant Cassettes photo.png

In 2020, Mexican product designer Luis Fenando Barrios pioneered a groundbreaking solution to address plastic pollution arising from antigen tests with his project, the ‘biodegradable testing kit’, showcased at Prototypes for Humanity. During that period, Sander Brus, just started his first company in the Netherlands, PrevViral. PrevViral imported and validated high volumes of antigen tests and set up test facilities in the Netherlands. The joint effort resulted in world’s first environmentally friendly test kit.

Sander and Luis connected and joined forces, culminating in the establishment of Okos Diagnostics B.V. in 2021. The initial prototypes and patent applications were funded through the earnings generated by PrevViral. Currently, Okos offers two different bio-based prototypes: Gelassette and a plant-based alternative.

Luis Okos.webp

Luis Fernando Barrios

Sander Okos.webp

Sander Julian Brus


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Coronasneltests zorgen voor veel plastic afval, maar waar vind je iemand die een biologisch afbreekbare variant kan maken?

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