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Okos connects human health and environmental health. 

Soon offering the world's fully biodegradable lateral flow cassette: Gelassette.

For Okos your health means Planet's health

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Gelassette is the world’s only patent-protected universal housing for lateral flow tests. 


Okos Diagnostics was founded to grow the home testing market, empowering everyone with access to a rapidly increasing range of home tests, without adding to the world’s waste problems. 

The young founders financed the first prototypes with proceeds from PrevViral, a leading Dutch rapid test distributor which was founded in 2020. 

During covid we threw away 100 billion plastic tests immediately after use. Okos’ bio-based housing can be used for all lateral flow use-cases, including pregnancy, sexual infections, and tumor markers, and is easy adoptable by the IVD industry. 

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What is the press/media saying about Okos?

Constantly looking for innovative solutions where environmental and human health can go hand in hand...
It's estimated that every rapid test contains about 10-grams of plastic that heads to the landfill immediately after use...
To say that COVID-19 brought a lot of problems globally is probably the understatement of the decade...
The designer actually created a biodegradable cellulose-based rapid test back in 2020 but now he has come up with...
Coronasneltests zorgen voor veel plastic afval, maar waar vind je iemand die een biologisch afbreekbare variant kan maken?
Okos diagnostics has recently introduced a 100% cellulose-based LFA, although not commercialized...

By 2050 the weight of plastic in the oceans will be more than the weight of fish, human health need not be at the expense of the environment’s health. Let’s connect human health and environmental health.

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