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Update regarding ongoing study in Nigeria 💡

Field experiment with Okos' biodegradable cassettes with Helix Biogen Institute 🌎

Last year, Okos Diagnostics partnered with Helix Biogen Institute in Nigeria. The goal of the strategic partnership was mainly to raise awareness regarding the pollutive aspect of diagnostics, and to gain insights in sustainable solutions.

Okos earlier demonstrated that a biodegradable housing did not have an impact on the performance of the lateral flow assay. This is an important message to the IVD industry, and to end consumers. The remained working principle and accuracy of these point-of-care tests, are crucial factors when considering innovative sustainable alternatives.

Although plastic waste is a global concern, plastic waste is spiraling out of control across Africa. With about 2.5 million tonnes of plastic waste annually, Nigeria ranks ninth globally among countries with the highest contribution to plastic pollution. Therefore, it is important to understand and gain insights in different the landfill conditions in Africa.

Helix Biogen Institute set-up a field experiment with Okos' biodegradable housing in a variety of soil conditions. We are delighted to share some photos of the experiment.

To be continued!

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