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Okos Diagnostics B.V. and Kenosha B.V. partner for a sustainable future of lateral flow assays

Okos and Kenosha, two Dutch companies, have teamed up to introduce world’s first biodegradable universal housing for lateral flow assays (LFA). Okos’ sustainable cassette is made from biodegradable materials and aims to replace the current plastic cassette.

For the first time in history, diagnostic companies have the option to add a biodegradable component to their single-use test kits.

Okos was established with the vision of expanding the home testing market, providing universal access to a continually expanding selection of home tests while addressing global waste concerns. After filing two worldwide patents, and creating multiple prototypes, Okos now has a scalable product that could end the plastic pollution coming from the billions of LFA’s conducted annually.

Kenosha has over 25 years’ experience in all aspects of LFA development. It is mainly specialized in adhesive materials and has a unique and strong network in the in-vitro diagnostic industry.

Both companies decided to partner to not only boost the development of biodegradable cassettes for all LFA use cases, but mainly to set the trend for a greener future of healthcare.

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