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Product launch! 🎉 Say goodbye to plastic test cassettes! Meet our ecoFluorecare 🌱♻️

Updated: Jun 30

After filing two worldwide patents, fine-tuning biomaterials and injection moulding trials, we are honoured to incorporate our knowledge into a real test kit. Together with Microprofit Biotech, we developed a biodegradable multiplex test for detecting COVID, Flu A&B and RSV. Fluorecare grew into a famous and reliable European test brand, selling millions of test kits. Recently, our team visited their headquarters in Shenzhen and discussed the topic of sustainability. Therefore, we are happy to launch our first product together.

Our cassettes are produced from biobased materials, reduce carbon emissions and are compostable. The plant-based granules are ideally suited for injection moulding, a process that Okos has successfully tested in several trials. These trials underscore the scalability of our technology, laying the foundation for large-scale production—a critical factor given the staggering annual production of billions of rapid tests.

Moreover, Okos recently demonstrated in multiple validation studies that there is no difference in performance compared to standard test cassettes. With this eco-friendly twist, we now demonstrate that sustainability and diagnostics can go together! 

We offer ecoFluorecare for only 4.99 euros (well below the in-store price of the normal plastic version). This shows that incorporating eco-friendly components still results in competitive pricing!

Currently, we have a limited stock of ecoFluorecare available on Measie. 

Ecofriendly Combo Test

Are you interested in higher volumes of ecoFluorecare, or want to transition to our sustainable cassettes? Please message us at

We would like to thank our partners for the corporation and the shared vision: Shengfeng and Microprofit Biotech 🤝🏽

Let’s make the diagnostic sector more sustainable, together! ♻️🌿🌎

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