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Okos Unveils Breakthrough: World's First Plant-Based Universal Housing for Lateral Flow Assays

In a pioneering move toward sustainability, Okos Diagnostics proudly introduces a groundbreaking solution to combat plastic pollution stemming from rapid antigen tests: the world's first plant-based scalable universal housing for lateral flow assays. This eco-friendly innovation, showcased alongside our existing gelatin version, Gelassette, is poised to revolutionize the landscape of diagnostic testing.

The new plant-based prototypes are meticulously crafted from plant-based biodegradable materials, boasting global patent coverage. These innovative cassettes not only contribute to environmental conservation but are also fully biodegradable and compostable. Currently, Okos offers two distinct material combinations derived from agricultural by-products. The versatility extends to the aesthetic realm, allowing for a range of colors and designs for both prototypes.

The plant-based material's granules are ideally suited for injection molding, a process that Okos has successfully tested in several trials. These trials underscore the scalability of our technology, laying the foundation for large-scale production—a critical factor given the staggering annual production of billions of rapid tests.

To experience the cutting-edge sustainability of our new cassettes, we invite you to inquire about sample availability by reaching out to us at

Join us in a new era of environmentally conscious diagnostic testing.

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