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Okos exhibiting at MEDICA 2023 in Germany!

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Do you want to contribute to a greener future 🌱? Let's meet at Hall 15 / L32

Okos Diagnostics was founded to grow the home testing market, empowering everyone with access to a rapidly increasing range of home tests, without adding to the world’s waste problems. The young founders financed the first prototypes and patents with proceeds from PrevViral, a leading Dutch rapid test distributor which was founded in 2020. During covid we threw away 100 billion plastic tests immediately after use. Okos’ bio-based housing can be used for all lateral flow use-cases, including pregnancy, sexual infections, and tumor markers, and is easy adoptable by the IVD industry. We offer now multiple prototypes from different biodegradable materials. Do you want to contribute to a greener tomorrow without plastic waste?

Let's meet 13-16 November at Medica!

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