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Gelassette: A Breakthrough in Lateral Flow Assays Towards a Sustainable Future

Explore the latest update on Gelassette, the groundbreaking universal biodegradable lateral flow assay housing developed by Okos Diagnostics. It is the world's first universal biodegradable lateral flow assay housing invented by Okos Diagnostics. After filing two worldwide patent applications last year, Okos is currently exploring the mass production capabilities of Gelassette. In this trial, we are feeding our bio-based material into injection molding machines. This is a crucial step to transform the LFA testing market, Gelassette aims to combat plastic pollution while making healthcare more sustainable and accessible.

Gelassette - A Game-Changer in Lateral Flow Assays

Addressing Plastic Pollution in LFA Testing

Lateral flow assays (LFAs) are essential diagnostic tools, but the predominant use of plastic housings has contributed to the global plastic pollution crisis. Okos Diagnostics, however, presents an innovative solution. Unlike traditional plastic housings that can take centuries to decompose, Gelassette is made from a bio-based material that biodegrades within months, leaving no harmful waste behind.

Pioneering Mass Production of Gelassette

Driving Sustainable Manufacturing Processes

Okos Diagnostics is actively exploring the mass production capabilities of Gelassette through rigorous trials. By utilizing injection molding machines commonly used in plastic manufacturing, Okos aims to determine the feasibility of large-scale Gelassette production. This significant step brings us closer to introducing Gelassette as a viable and environmentally friendly test kit option.

Gelatin injection in plastic injection machine
Gelassette injection trials

The Promise of Gelassette - A Greener Future for LFA Testing

Unlocking Sustainability in Healthcare

Gelassette's development represents a pivotal moment in the fight against plastic pollution. By enabling biodegradation through interaction with microorganisms, Gelassette sets a new standard for sustainable LFA testing. This eco-friendly alternative not only eliminates harmful waste but also paves the way for reducing plastic pollution in the healthcare sector and beyond.

Okos Diagnostics, a leading biotechnology company, is at the forefront of developing innovative solutions for the healthcare industry. With Gelassette as its flagship product, the company is committed to revolutionizing LFA testing and reducing the environmental impact of healthcare. Stay updated for more exciting news about Gelassette, the driving force behind a greener and more sustainable future.

About Okos:

Okos Diagnostics is a visionary biotechnology company dedicated to making healthcare more affordable, accessible, and sustainable. By pushing the boundaries of innovation, Okos aims to transform the healthcare sector while minimizing its ecological footprint. Gelassette represents one of Okos's groundbreaking initiatives, highlighting the company's commitment to introducing revolutionary products to the market promptly.

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