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2023: What is Okos about? COVID brought home testing home

Biodegradable Testing at Home

Okos Diagnostics was founded to grow the home testing market, empowering everyone with access to a rapidly increasing range of home tests, without adding to the world’s waste problems. Gelassette is the world’s only patent-protected universal housing for lateral flow tests. During the COVID Pandemic, we threw away 100 billion plastic tests immediately after use. Okos’ bio-based housing can be used for all lateral flow use cases, including pregnancy, sexual infections, and tumor markers, and is easily adoptable by the IVD industry.

By 2050 the weight of plastic in the oceans will be more than the weight of fish, human health need not be at the expense of the environment’s health. Let's connect human health and environmental health, now!

As a manufacturer: Interested to include Gelassette in your test kit?

As an investor: Interested in our concept and vision?

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